Only Fans Hack: Is It A Marketing Tool?

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Jun 9, 2021

While Only Fans is notoriously known as the x-rated subscription service that allows for content creators to be paid for requested imagery & videos, what if we told you that businesses are using this platform to push on growth and performance?

In today’s article, you guessed it! We’re going to delve into the world of OnlyFans, find out what the purpose of this website is and discuss how this world-leading service is helping businesses scale: the marketing Only Fans hack. But first, let’s speak about what Only Fans really is.

What is Only Fans?

OnlyFans is described online as a content subscription service that allows users to earn money through gaining subscribers. These “fans” can pay creators on a monthly basis, on a pay-per-view basis or as a one-off payment for requested material. While this sounds like an extra version of YouTube, the content is becoming more and more explicit.

Models, film stars, singers, you name it, they could have a profile on OnlyFans. While there is a thin line between the site being a video/live streaming site and a porn site, those who create content refuse to be labelled as porn stars or prostitutes. So, now we know a bit about OnlyFans, how can this help your business hit a new audience?


The only fans hack for marketers

While we have only mentioned the sensuality that comes hand in hand with an OnlyFans account, there is space for PG content to be published on the site too. In fact, Tyga, the American rapper, even uses it to release exclusive music, videos and other BTS content for his latest music releases.

With that in mind, open-minded marketers can also use this platform to their advantage. Of course, this will certainly depend on your business’s industry, but there are opportunities for many companies to reach further audiences through this fast growing network.

For example, if you are a multinational corporation like McDonald’s, encouraging members to sign up to your channel for exclusive menu additions or flavours would unquestionably be very successful. However, I doubt any multinational corporation is reading this article – or, if you are McDonald’s, you know where we are if you need a successful OnlyFans digital marketing strategy!

So, if you’re a marketer for a small to medium business and you want to know how you can utilise the marketing Only Fans hack, here’s how:

1. GIVe industry advice 

What industry does your business lie in? Fitness, cosmetics, hospitality, gaming, fashion? Whatever it may be, there are ways that you can leverage your knowledge in this area on OnlyFans.

Let’s focus on beauty as an example. Say you own a make-up salon or a hybrid hair & make-up salon. Every girl and woman is always after tips on how to look after their skin and hair, especially between treatments.

With that in mind, you can build a community on OnlyFans who can subscribe to you for tips and tricks in this area. We’re not talking the ones you can easily Google, but out of the box, alternative guidance that they’ll relate to. Especially if they’re your clients, too!

2. Sell Your Service

Another great way to utilise your Only Fans space is to show your viewers what your product or service can do. Just remember, your “fans” are paying to see this, so it needs to be as entertaining as it is informative. To get the most out of this concept, why not host a giveaway that gives one of your local viewers the opportunity to try out your product/service and film it as a video?

Not only will this present your business as trustworthy & approachable, but it will also engage your viewers as they’re looking for relatable content.

3. Treat It As A Social Network

You’ve set up a Facebook & Instagram account, right? Especially for your business I imagine. Well, in the same fashion, OnlyFans has several features incorporated into the platform that can encourage interaction and engagement.

For instance, you will be given a feed to upload posts to. Whether they be images, videos or statuses. Then you have the audio element which allows you to upload voice notes which is ideal for tutorials or any tips that don’t constitute for a video.

If none of these jump out at you, what about a poll? You can ask a question which could then help you plan your next post.
Like with social media management tools, you can also set up an expiration date and time, as well as schedule your posts.
Last but not least, you can also go Live. Live Streaming is always a great way to get to know your audience and vice versa. It also gives you an opportunity to ask your viewers what they want to see from you, and what they’d be willing to subscribe for.

Make your business money on OnlyFans

While we’ve covered what type of content can help you make money with the Only Fans hack, there is another way that you can rake in the coins too. Price locking posts on OnlyFans means that you can lock on a price to individual posts, which gives your subscribers the option to unlock them for that fee. A great way to earn the extra pennies on top of your monthly subscription price.

Why use OnlyFans instead of other major platforms?

Why use OnlyFans instead of other major platforms, you ask? Well, the immediate return of course. Unlike other platforms such as Instagram with their recently popular reel function, as well as YouTube, you need to build a following before your engagement and transactions begin. Whereas, with OnlyFans, your content is publicised almost immediately; in the same way TikTok works, viewers may be able to manipulate what content crops up on their homepage by subscribing & signing up for alerts, but it is still randomised on homepages.


Well, we bet you didn’t think of all that when OnlyFans comes up in conversation. This Only Fans hack for marketers has been proven to be effective for several businesses already, so why can’t yours be next? The average earnings for Only Fans is £180 per month. It might not seem like a lot, but we have to think of brand awareness too.

We expect to see OnlyFans grow even more over the upcoming years, but if OnlyFans isn’t the right direction for your business but you could benefit from social media management for other major channels such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, we’d be more than happy to offer you a quote based on your needs. Just get in touch with us on and we will get back to you soon!


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