Social Media for Startups: The Only Online Presence You Need?

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Sep 27, 2021

Do you have an online presence? What if we told you that social media for startups can gain you sales even if you're offline? Find out more in this post!

When we think of the meaning of an online presence for a business, what springs to mind? Social media? A website? An online shop? There are many possibilities for being present in the ever-evolving online world, but that doesn’t mean that every version of presence is beneficial for a business, especially if they’re small.

And in today’s post, you’re going to find out why. Yes, advertising your products or services online is another way to gain sales, but is it always doable for startups who may or may not have the budget or resources for an eCommerce site? Continue reading to find out how social media for startups is arguably the only online presence you need.

You may be thinking, well of course an online presence is needed for a startup. But what if we told you that you didn't need an online shop to get business, just social media for startups. Read to find out more!

What Is An Online Presence?

As previously mentioned, a business can have several outlets online that can be categorised as an online presence. A straight-to-the-point and basic website that outlines a business’s information and how to find them etc, can be beneficial for those with search intent in that area, for instance. However, without SEO, this can become limiting.

Then, we have an eCommerce website. Whether it’s hosted through Shopify or Magento, two of the leading providers, an eCommerce website can be as basic or comprehensive as you desire, depending on the functionality & design. A simple shopping site allows for quick purchasing and an easy way to track online sales. 

Lastly, social media marketing for startups is one of the easiest ways to earn an online presence. By having a voice on major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & TikTok, you can explore other audiences and use marketing tools such as hashtags and reactive marketing to get your business’s name out there. 

Now we know the main ways to gain an online presence, which is most beneficial for a startup?

The Power of Social Media For Startups

Over the last year or so, we have seen many changes in buyer behaviours. Due to Covid-19, businesses had to explore other opportunities to keep afloat, even if they didn’t offer their products or services online. To put it into perspective, a whopping 81% of consumers in surveyed countries across the globe say they’ve discovered new brands online during COVID-19. Were you one of them?

This adaptation could be due to strategic Facebook & Instagram Ads flagging up while a user scrolls their feeds, or it could be a business hopping on a hashtag during a Twitter conversation. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure, it worked.

Do you have a social media strategy in place? As an SMB or startup, the eCommerce life may be unattainable, especially during the early days. Money, time and management comes along with a website. And while it’s the same for social media, you’ll most likely already know how to upload on the leading platforms. Or there are experts out there who can do it for you, but we won’t name names!

But why do we recommend social media for startups, really? How does this benefit you and your customers? Here’s how:

Nurturing Customer Relations

For starters, you are automatically giving your customers an impression before visiting your physical store. A visually impressive online presence is what your customers want to see, and now they have, through your use of social media management best practices, you’re only going to gain leads. We’re talking insightful, inspirational and informative content that is supported by eye catching imagery & graphics. 

Your customers want to feel good while identifying why they should shop with you, and if your business is going to add a touch of positivity to their day, you’re already on the road to success. There are always free of charge apps available to give you a helping hand; take the free version of Canva, for instance, a staple for social media marketers!

Know Your Customer

Customers love personalisation. If you create ads targeted to specific demographics, you’re going to hit an audience that has the most intent of utilising your business. Local ads are a great place to start when it comes to a company that only operates offline. Additionally, it would be best if you consistently researched shopping behaviours that achieve offline decisions. 

You don’t just want your viewers to follow, like or comment. You want them to want to visit you; that’s the goal. An example of this could be an exclusive in-store promotion or offer that you’re advertising, or it could be showcasing a service that sets you apart from your competitors.

Teach Them Your Business

While customers may know you exist, why should they shop with you? People love convenience, and if you don’t own an online store, this already sets you back in this area. That’s why you need to hit the elements of your business that satisfies and entices your customers. Is your shop located in an easily accessible area? Do you offer delivery when you shop in-store? Gift-wrapping? Whatever it may be, using your social media to advertise this USP will be highly beneficial. 

A social media marketing strategy for startups is always a fantastic way to gain your business an online presence. However, don’t think that a non-eCommerce website can’t do the same. You may find that a website outlining your services/products and location will benefit you, especially when kept up to date. It’s all about giving your customers the information they require to want to shop with you or use your services. 

Social Media Management at Soshell

Don’t have the time, knowledge or motivation to manage your social media? We get it. But our social media for startups services can help you. Through strategic research, an abundance of creativity and a love of all things social, we can help you meet your business goals through the power of social media. All of our packages are bespoke designed for each client; we understand that it’s never a one size fits all situation regarding marketing!

If you’re interested in finding out what the Soshell team can do for your business, or for any advice on brand awareness or social media management tools for startups, contact us today on 01482 697190 or through our website for more information on a social media strategy for startups. 

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