The Best Christmas Adverts 2021

Family Watching Christmas Adverts

Dec 23, 2021

Who doesn't love sitting next to the fire with a hot choc and watching the Christmas adverts for that year? We do too. Find out how each brand has brought magic to the most wonderful time of the year & why it works so well.

It’s that time of the year again where your favourite brands set out to make you laugh and cry all in one advert. Christmas is right around the corner, which means all of the Christmas commercials are in a constant loop. With fairytale storylines and vibrant colour palettes, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be taking an afternoon to analyse every single one. 

When we take a look at Christmas adverts for 2020, we are met with many emotions. So, let’s see what businesses have in store for us this year with Christmas adverts for 2021.

Children Watching TV At Christmas

John Lewis

First up, we have John Lewis Christmas adverts. To captivate their audience, John Lewis always uses emotional storylines. If you buy from the company, the message of luxury is always imminent, and for this Christmas, the message has taken a similar route with ‘give a gift that means the world’ or ‘a gift you never knew you needed’. In the story, a young boy hands an alien girl a simple Christmas toy as she is temporarily stuck on Earth, but its something that she’s never or will never be able to get her hands on; a new level of sentimentality, right?

These notions are aimed to receive a sentimental response from the audience, allowing them to understand that a meaningful gift, no matter the price tag, is the right way to make someone happy this Christmas. A great sales technique that doesn’t focus on a product itself but the reasoning behind a gift.

John Lewis Christmas Advert


This year, Aldi has produced their own creation of A Christmas Carol. This advertisement is quite fitting for this year as it represents turning Christmas around, no matter what is happening in the world. This creative masterpiece involves a banana who portrays Embernisa Scrooge as he is dragged around by a carrot who shows him how magical Aldi can make Christmas, turning Scrooge into a festive fanatic. 

With their delicious food, the charity efforts of Aldi and a message of “be kind”, it’s very wholesome and inclusive. While many people celebrate Christmas and enjoy the thrills of receiving gifts and eating lovely food, it can also be the worst time for people, so it’s as though Aldi wanted to bring back the magic that we once saw as children.

Aldi Christmas Advert


M&S created one of the best Christmas adverts this year, featuring a fairy godmother (Dawn French, a famous British comedian & actress) who shows around M&S’ iconic Percy The Pig after he is brought to life. In between the clips of delectable M&S food, humorous remarks are incorporated to create a light-hearted and less salesy approach, a very effective contrast. M&S’ traditional message of food and drink on a level above all other supermarkets is very much still seen in this short ad; which is very important for businesses to keep Christmas adverts on brand like all other marketing materials.

M&S Christmas Advert


Boots has created a sentimental advertisement this year following their 2020 Christmas adverts of helping fight hygiene poverty. Instead, their advert works to show that their much-loved shop has everything you could ever want or need for a special someone. From instant photos to extra luxury gifts such as perfume to make your loved ones feel like a million dollars. 

The advertisement not only sells their products to the audience in a way that bonds you and your loved ones, but it also creates the perfect illusion of a happy family at Christmas, which is what everyone wishes for during the most wonderful time of the year.

Boots Christmas Advert


Finally, we have Disney, who, of course, were on-brand in a delightful story. This 2021 Christmas advert is very well thought out and put together; the storyline illustrates unconventional families, which isn’t often spoken about during this time of the year. The main character is a new stepfather who is doing his best to look after his stepchildren, ensuring they have a Christmas to remember.

This message, a harder-hitting one, shows that even with a new family member, Christmas can stay as magical as you make it. Again, these types of dynamic storylines offer a relatable connection, or even just empathy, an essential sales tactic for Disney. In addition, Disney included everyone’s favourite Disney characters as they came to life for the children when reading their favourite stories: an instant identifier of this world-renowned brand.

Disney Christmas Advert

Christmas Adverts From Soshell

We hope you’ve enjoyed us depicting this year’s Christmas adverts. Each brand seems to be having an in-depth look at the storyline behind their adverts, ensuring they’re hitting those shopping trends and keeping it as heartstring-tugging as possible at a time of the year where happiness is the most important thing. 

If you need help creating your brand an advert that speaks for your business in all of the right ways, we’re your people. With our extensive knowledge and experience in marketing, we learn customers’ buying behaviours to ensure that we’re hitting all the right areas to maximise return. Our design services are next to none when creating advertisement graphics for a wide range of sectors. If you’re interested in our advertorial services, get in touch with us today at, and we will pitch you an idea in the new year that’ll be the key to your 2022 success.

& that’s a wrap for 2021, we’ll see you all back here for more marketing insights in 2022… we know you can’t wait! In the meantime, the team at Soshell wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


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