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Here at Soshell, we are experts in eCommerce SEO. We’re not just talking on a small scale, we’re talking about eCommerce stores on all scales. Whether a start-up could benefit from local SEO for their Shopify store or an international business needs support when up against competitors on their WordPress site, we have the knowledge and capabilities to deliver your business with further reach, no matter how far that may be.

Audience profiling

After exploring our branding services, we can determine who your target audience is through strategic research and analysis. We can also establish new areas that your business can target, allowing for immense growth in your industry.


content creation

Now we have the keywords, it’s time to create content that’s seen. If you’re an established brand, it may be a case of refreshing already existing blogs or creating new pillar pages to push search terms. Or if you’re a SMB, we can help you deliver handbooks or other educational resources as a new USP.


keyword research

Keywords: those dreaded terms, phrases and questions. We will solely focus on the most relevant keywords for your business, surpassing your competitor’s rankings and giving you the key to page one SERP results.

linking strategies

You have the content that says all of the right words, but how will people navigate to these landing pages within your site? By creating an effective internal linking strategy, you are helping the user journey while also supporting your content’s strength.


The entire SEO strategy is confirmed. But how will you know it’s performance? Here at Soshell, we will deliver you with monthly reports so that you can stay upto date with your SEO progress. We will compare current rankings with previous, and ensure that competitor analysis is always taken into consideration.

technical seo

Without a healthy website, all of your SEO hard efforts won’t reach their full potential. By immediately looking at the user-journey and the nitty gritty back end of your website, we can present your site as reliable and reputable to Google.



As an eCommerce SEO agency, we cover all grounds. A backlink profile can enhance your site’s reach, giving Google the green flag that your site is a trusted source of information. Not only that, but with our effective outreach database, your keyword rankings will be easier to reach.

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