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Why does my business need an email marketing agency, you ask? While email marketing is often misconceived as an ineffective marketing strategy, often overlooked as spam, it is actually one of the most powerful means of building and nurturing leads. 

Your mailing list is your strongest marketing tool. A collection of consumers already engaged with your brand; an email list is at a significant advantage to other means of marketing. By hiring us as your full service email marketing agency, you can achieve the following:

Build an engaged and growing Customer Database

The first step to a successful email marketing strategy is to build a targeted customer database. It is not enough to simply collect emails, we need to understand the subscriber. From tracking where they have subscribed to the content they are interacting with, we will be able to create effective segmentations within your subscriber list, allowing you to target each subscriber with content relevant to them.

Increase Click-through Rates

As an email marketing agency, we can create target-driven email campaigns that appeal to focused & engaged segments. Driving open and click-through rates through segmented audiences, we can ensure that neglected areas of your website see an increase in traffic, whilst ensuring consumers are seeing the content they want to see.


Through target-specific campaigns, we will nurture customer relationships while ensuring that all emails meet the needs and wants of the recipients. We should not just be incentivising new customers to purchase, but also our existing customers. What can we offer them to ensure they stay engaged with your brand? Through a complex and systematic automation process, we will ensure that all customers, whether new or old, are engaging with your brand.

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