look the part

Both graphic and web design tie a brand together.
Consistency, cleanliness and unique style are just three key areas of
how to get your visual elements right for your brand and its industry.
It’s about standing out from your competitors; showcasing your business
as number one, focusing on your USP’s at all times. And here at Soshell,
we can create your website & all other assets to fulfil your business’s goals.

graphic design

Graphic design isn’t just a series of pictures or a series of pictures that look good. It’s ongoing visual elements that support your brand’s voice and image. Through audience assessments and intensive competitor research, we can identify what styles, colour palettes and content performs the best, while keeping your designed assets completely unique to your brand.

web design

There are three rules for when it comes to building a website: making sure it looks clean, offers easy navigation and allows for a simple process to meeting your goals; whether that be bookings, purchases or completed enquiry forms. A high performing website is quick, fresh and eye-catching, which is why we it our promise to deliver our clients with a platform that upholds an optimum user journey.

Joshua James Jewellery Website On A Computer Screen

Bespoke Web Design

By incorporating both web and graphic design, you’re guaranteed optimum performance. A well-made website consists of five main factors: high quality content, user-friendliness, a visually pleasing design, clear and concise visibility & the all-important interactivity. Without ticking one of these boxes, you will run the risk of shattering the buyer journey.

Here’s how we will achieve all 5 through our web design services:


  •  Content: Creating landing page, pillar page, blog & other resource content that’s relevant, informative & SEO-friendly
  • User-Friendliness: Ensuring that your website’s navigation is straight-forward while offering a fast turnaround
  • Visuals: From a UX point of view, we will create graphics & the overall web design to attract potential custom; focusing on colour palettes & cleanliness
  • Visibility: Through SEO optimisation throughout all content, we will endeavour to make your website visible on all major search engines
  • Interaction: Through widgets, videos, online chats and easy-to-fill forms, you will encourage engagement and ease of conversions

Custom Web Development 

We will always stay at the forefront of your industries demands, as well as consistently assess areas of your site for improvements. Developing your website to meet the needs of your loyal & potential customers and/or clients.

We will thoroughly monitor user experience, user interface, visual design and programming to enhance your website. As a custom web development company, we have several packages available to suit your business’s needs.

The Pen Alliance Website On A Mobile Phone Screen

ready to get started?

If you’re interested in our graphic and web design, get in touch with us today.
Without consistency for your brand image paired with a user experience that offers ease & a convenience,
conversions will be hard to achieve. That’s why we will make it our mission to put your
business’s goals into motion through graphic design and web design that supports your credibility.