know your audience

Our in-house PPC consultant team is your best bet at establishing new audiences, and accumulating strong leads that have the best chances at accomplishing conversions. PPC is a fantastic tool for growing your customer base as each ad will target specific areas of your target audiences, encouraging more intent. And here’s how we pull them off:


Through strategic research, we can create ads that target selective groups in your audience that have the highest conversion intent.

Through social classes, hobbies, genders, backgrounds and everything else in between, we will take target driving to a whole other level.


Once our PPC marketing consultants have determined the audiences for your categories, we will create relevant content that speaks to the target audience.

Using well-thought-out graphics combined with text that speaks to the reader, its a recipe for success.



As leading PPC consultants, we will then monitor and assess ads, ensuring your accounts maintains an agreed upon ROAS.

By continuously trailing and erroring concepts, we can create an ad funnel for each area of your business that is guaranteed results.

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If you’re looking for a PPC consultant near me, Soshell is the place to be.
Our team may be small but we have the expertise and experience to help your
PPC ads reach your business goals. Whether its awareness, bookings or purchases,
PPC is a effective tool for every type of business; let us prove it to you.